Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Interview Aftermath

Last week we talked about how to Nail your Job Interview.  But what happens now?  The wait can be agonizing but don't sit around and fret.

If the interview went well…

You loved the job even more and want it.  Good news girlfriend!  Hopefully it is a match made in heaven.  Use this time to think more about the position for any additional follow up questions you may have before committing, continue to research similar roles online to ensure your expectations are accurate, and think more specifically about your salary requirements if you haven’t discussed these already.    If you are without a job currently, DO NOT STOP YOUR JOB SEARCH.  Even the best interviews don’t always materialize, KEEP LOOKING. 

You aren’t sure if you really want it or if it is the right fit for you.   Don’t rush to judgment just yet.  If you have questions or concerns, make sure you note them.  If the company is prepared to make you an offer, make sure you get all of these answered before you accept or decline.  If you are without a job, you may not have a choice but to seriously consider the position.  Remember, everything is negotiable.    

If the interview didn’t go so well…

Keep your head up girlfriend.  Hopefully you remained composed throughout the whole process and did your absolute best.  Even if at the end of the discussion, it was pretty clear you would not be successful, you met some good contacts and a little interview practice never hurt anyone.  If the position is truly not the right fit for you, better to know now than a month from now when you are ready to quit. 

In all cases…

ALWAYS send a thank you email regardless of how the interview went.  You never know where you might cross paths with the interviewer again or they may have an additional opening in the future that would be a good fit for you.  Stay positive girlfriend!

Cheryl Reynolds
College Girl to Working Girl 

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